Eaton Hall Country Inn and Spa Social Promotions

Eaton Hall is a beloved mansion located in King City, Ontario. The breathtaking, six-story Norman-style chateau was built under the careful and discerning hand and eye of Lady Flora McCrea Eaton. Construction on the road that led to Eaton Hall began in the spring of 1938 and just two years later, Eaton Hall hosted its first event in the summer of 1940. It was built complete with a ballroom, great hall, library and servant quarters. Constructed at the heart of a 700-acre parcel of land, Sir John Craig and Lady Flora McCrea Eaton acquired the farmland in January 1920 on the insistence of their good friend Sir Henry Mill Pellatt (of Casa Loma fame), who owned the adjacent Lake Marie (now Marylake) property. Sadly, Sir John Craig passed away in March 1922, but sixteen years later, Lady Eaton, now a grandmother, continued with their original plan to build a country estate on the property, sizeable enough to accommodate their growing family and stately enough to host important dignitaries, politicians and even, royalty.

Shortly after opening, Eaton Hall served as a convalescent hospital and rehabilitation centre for the Royal Canadian Navy, serving injured seamen that would return to active duty.

Lady Eaton passed away in July 1970, and a year later, the land was sold to Seneca College in August 1971. When Seneca first opened, Eaton Hall served as the administrative office until 1977 when Garrick Hall was built across the lake. With the opening of Garrick Hall, Eaton Hall became a successful Management Development Centre until 1991 when it became a public Hotel and Conference Centre. Eaton Hall has been closed to the public for almost a decade, since the summer of 2012.

Over the years, Eaton Hall has also served the community as a hotel, wedding and special event venue, conference centre, community meeting space and living lab for Seneca’s Hospitality - Hotel Restaurant Services students, and more.

Presently, Peter & Paul’s Hospitality Group happily welcomes Eaton Hall into its prestigious list of event spaces and will revitalize the venue into a hospitality, community and cultural destination in King Township as well as an academic space for Seneca students. Eaton Hall sits at the throne of luxury immersed in beautiful greenery and landscapes, with a unique and picturesque feel. Eaton Hall is the perfect location to host any special event and momentous occasion.